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Corporate Social Responsibility

XPH cares for the community, the environment, the less privileged, and the victims of natural disasters, through a variety of activities based on our social responsibility.  The charity campaign is as follows: SARS Outbreak (2003), Ice Storm (2008), Tsunami (2009), Sichuan Earthquake (2008/2013) and so on.

The National Health

XPH actively contributed in terms of sponsorship to support the sports activities with our core value and our commitment to be a responsible enterprise.

Green & Sustainable Development

Xiangxue pharmaceutical in addition to pay attention to the social public welfare undertakings, with green feelings practice corporate social responsibility, advocate for win-win sharing, green environmental protection, energy, green building, low carbon measures such as travel, with higher than the national standard requirements of environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction building sustainable development business model, create Shared value.