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  • Millennium Ancient Prescription from the Classics
    Antivirotic Oral Liquid prescription is from the classic book written by Eastern Han Dynasty Dr. Zhang Zhongjing, China’s first book for the theory to practice, to establish the medical treatment of syndrome differentiation.
  • Classic Baihu Soup Modern Oral Liquid
    Modern pharmacological studies have shown that “Baihu Decoction” in addition to the heat antipyretic effect, but also enhance the immune function.
Digital Industry Chain
  • Medicinal Materials Traceable
    Medicinal Materials Traceable
    Key prescription drugs Banlangen, forsythia, patchouli, Shichangpu, etc. are from the demonstration planting base / local estate area, the origin of fresh processing, to ensure that the source of herbs quality
  • Production and Circulation
    Production and Circulation
    Strict implementation of GMP standards, the use of extraction production control integrated production line to ensure that the quality of the production process controllable, exclusive use of inclusion technology, microwave disinfection and sterilization process to retain the anti-virus oral liquid volatile ingredients
  • Quality Standards
    Quality Standards
    The first domestic use of compound oral Chinese medicine application of fingerprints quality control technology enterprises, using higher than the "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" fingerprint standard control product quality
  • Safety Monitoring
    Safety Monitoring
    The first company which completes million cases of oral anti-cold Chinese medicine safety research in China, no serious adverse reactions occur, children can take Xiangxue anti-virus oral liquid safety
  • Efficacy Evaluation
    Efficacy Evaluation
    Completes a large-scale multi-center, large sample of randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study, through evidence-based medical evaluation methods to prove the effectiveness of the treatment of colds, safety, scientific guidance of different groups of rational use of drugs.