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Pioneering "4C Control System" - The Core Values of XPH's TCM Herbal Slices
  • Source(R) ——  Stictly monitor the envionment where we source our herbs, all Herbs are grown on GAP plantation sites and geo-authentic habitats.
  • Process(P) ——  Strickly adhere to GMP standards in our harvesting and processing, our scientific management system ensures reliablitly and traceability.
  • Quality(Q) ——  Implemented top of the line Quality Control system utilzing technology such as TCM fingerprinting to ensure the quality of our products is stable and controllable and able to meet clinical needs.
  • Security(S) ——  Strict Safety tests, adhere to International standards on heavy metals, pesticides, dyes, and sulfur dioxide residues to deliver the highest safety possible for our TCM hearbal slices.
  • Jilin
  • Ningxia
  • Shanxi
  • Yunnan
  • Sichuan
  • Hubei
  • Anhui
  • Guangdong
Jilin Fusong
  • The establishment of ginseng GAP planting demonstration site
  • International business market for ginseng
  • Standardized logistics and management system for ginseng
Ningxia Longde
  • National TCM Modernization Base for Scutellaria, Astragalus, Codonopsis, Licorice, Bupleurum, Radix Isatidis and other genuine regional herbs
Ningxia Longde
  • The establishment of forsythia GAP planting demonstration
Yunnan Shangri-La
  • Plateau herbs plantation demonstration site
  • Standardized plantation for Chinese herbs
Sichuan Nanchong
  • GMP certification
  • Digitalization of the whole industry chain
  • Create a large variety of Southwest characteristics
  • With an annual output of 7,000 tons of Chinese medicine Pieces production line
  • An annual output of 8,000 tons of toxic Chinese medicine Pieces production line
Hubei Tianji
  • GMP certification

  • National "top ten Chinese medicine Pieces of enterprises

  • Small packaging Chinese medicine Pieces of industrial base

  • Production of more than 800 varieties of Chinese medicine Pieces

Anhui Huqiao
  • National high-tech enterprises
  • National high-tech industrialization of traditional Chinese medicine demonstration project
  • National Chinese medicine Slices project research and development center
  • National Chinese Herbal Pieces Quality Standardization Research Center
  • the Ministry of Science and Technology "Chinese medicine slices processing technology standardization and quality standards" commitment
  • National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine small package of Chinese medicine Pieces standard development of enterprises
Guangdong Huazhou
  • The establishment of Juhong GAP planting demonstration site
  • Achieve a large-scale processing manufacturer