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Focus on Innovation

  • To closely track the international pharmaceutical field of leading technology achievements, take innovation R & D as an important business strategy.
  • To build an enterprise as the main body, scientific research institutions and leading talent team to participate in the international cooperation and innovation system.
  • To Construct small nucleic acid antiviral drug development, high affinity specific T cell immunotherapy drugs and treatment methods with the international leading level of cutting-edge biotechnology research platform

XPH TOP 3 Cooperation Platform
  • XPH Postdoctoral Work Station

    XPH Postdoctoral Work Station

    Cooperate with Jinan University of Guangdong,research on quality control technology of traditional Chinese medicine products 
  • Xiangxue traditional Chinese medicine and natural medicine academician workstation

    Xiangxue traditional Chinese medicine and natural medicine academician workstation

    Modern Chinese medicine science and technology innovation platform, promote the advantage traditional industry to brand effect change.
  • Organic compound structure test platform

    Organic compound structure test platform

    Guangzhou science and technology planning project production and research projects.
  • XPH established the Xiangcam TCM Research Centre Limited in the UK, the first Chinese medicine research and development institution established by overseas Chinese enterprises in China. "The establishment of the Xiangcam TCM Research Centre Limited is a successful practice for Chinese medicine to the world and an important outcome of Sino - British pharmaceutical technology cooperation," the Chinese ambassador to Britain, Ms. Fu Ying said at the opening ceremony.
  • Collaboration with United Kingdom Phynova in the development of botanicals, and the British MHRA approved the treatment of joint pain and cold drug registration.
  • Co-developing with a company in the US, the new drug STP705 has become the first small nucleic acid drug approved by CFDA for clinical trials in China. The case is a monumental achievement in developing new drugs. Co-developing with the University of Hong Kong , a PCT was granted for the new drug, P9, a broad-spectrum peptide drug designed for protecting respiratory tracts from viral infection.
  • Co-developing with Athenex in the US, a new cancer drug, KX02, was approved by both FDA and CFDA for clinical trials in human.
  • XLifeSc. was established and a multi-national team was built by recruiting professionals from the United States, Britain, Canada, and Germany. In addition, an independently-owned intellectual property portfolio has been successfully constructed. With the world-leading core technology, HATac, it is the second R&D center based on high affinity T cell receptors (TCRs) after Immunocore in the UK.
  • Collaborating with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (GIBH) to build up a Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao stem cell center.